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Macro:  Export all drawings directly from Assy to folder :pdf/dxf/dwg and STEP

Question asked by S. Vdkamp on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by S. Vdkamp

good day,

A wile ago I got this macro to export to pdf/dxf/dwg and STEP. I use it quite a lot and it works perfect. well done.

Yesterday Deepak made me a macro to export it WITH revision added on the end of each exported file, which works great!


But now I have got another question: I have got a macro that will export drawings from my 3d Assembly that is open and then export as a pdf. Some files it would export as a dxf(think it uses sheet metal part to create dxf)


What I would like is: 

A macro that exports all parts/sub assy's with drawings directly from the opened 3d-assembly that should export pdf/dxf/dwg WITH revision((extension on the ens should be : "-rev", and then it will automatically fill in the revision taken from the 3d file. See for this the macro "save rev as pdf/dxf/dwg and STEP") and putting them all in one(1) folder that has got the name of the assembly that is open and from where the macro is running).

So I would like if someone could put these two macro's together to create one that Exports directly from the opened assembly into a folder(same name as opened assembly)


Is there anyone that would be able to do this quickly for me? You guys that write the macro's do it in a flash, I am trying but it ends up in a big mess.

Looking forward to your response.

I hope this would be the last "macro" question for this year now.....


Thanks in advance.