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Can any one help me with this guard?

Question asked by Andrew Lanning on May 23, 2016

hello i am in need of some help with a current project. i am trying to redesign a new guard for my friends dads stump grinder. he said he doesn't care what it looks like or anything like that doesn't have to be the same as in the pictures. i took some measurements of it. this is all i got ( ill try to make it understandable) outer dia is 9.5" center circle (solid) is 4 15/16"   outer circle ( where the starts to bend) is 5 7/8" . im try to be able to 3d print this for him but my printer is only 8"x8"x8" so either need it to be in two separate parts that can be reconnected. ill attach some pictures if anyone can help me out or give me some ideas that would be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!           also it does need to have some type of ventilation so air can get to the oil cooler.