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Propeller flow simulation. Wrong force/torque

Question asked by Odd Ramone on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by Txon Aguirre

Hello people


I`m quite new to the "Flow Simulation" part of my SolidWorks 2014. So when I tried to simulate my first part, a propeller, I followed this YouTube video:


propeller thrust and flow trajectories using solidworks flow simulation - YouTube


I don`t know the language, but I just followed the video:)

The propeller is made from 4 separate parts. So I made a assembly of all the parts, also the big round extruded part that surround the propeller. And after that I run the simulation like the one att the youtube video.


Everything seams good so far, except one thing. I use the "Goals" function to find out how much force/torque that is needed to run this propeller in water att 540rpm. But when I try with "SG Torque (Z) 1" I get the value 39 884Nm. And that`s absolutely wrong, because I have used this propeller in real life with a engine. And that engine deliver 2000-3000 Nm att maximum. So what have I done wrong? Really hope anyone can help me!:)