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Flow simulation RAM usage vs number of cells in the mesh

Question asked by Naveen Dhavalagi on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Naveen Dhavalagi

I am working with fluid cells-156446, solidcells-460314,partial cells-849652, i have set transient analysis for 3 hours.But RAM usage goes upto 100 percent just for this.

refinement is disabled and mesh level is 3. Actually i have rather suppressed many parts otherwise it crosses 2000000 cells.But even then the solver shows "solver terminated,contact support"

My RAM is 16GB, Xeon 3.5GHz processor

what can i do to reduce calculation time and whether i need more ram

my plans are also for simulating in future for time dependent-24 hours..

Pls help me in this regard