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    FloWorks - centrifugal fans with volute case

    Chris Pellegrino
      Am I missing something, or can FloWorks NOT perform a study of acentrifugal fan in a volute case? Apparently the only way tospecify an angular velocity is with a global rotating frame whichobviously does not work with a non-symmetric volute case.

      Any insights would be much appreciated.

      - Chris
        • FloWorks - centrifugal fans with volute case
          Chris Michalski
          go to the floworks help menu and search rotating region - it tells you how to insert a local rotating reference (uses a fan model as it's example) - never tried it before, but it tells how to set the housing as stationary which is what you need to do with the volute casing and have the impeller rotate - it says it lets you set the angular velocity
            • FloWorks - centrifugal fans with volute case
              Chris Pellegrino
              I know, I've looked through that before. You can't set the housingas stationary when using a global reference frame; it's stillrotating the housing but using a different wall condition tosimulate it being stationary. It even says in the text that thefaces chosen to be "stators" with zero velocity must beaxisymmetric with the rotating region which a volute is not.

              I suppose one way to solve it is to batch solve two differentproblems - one is the impeller using a global reference frame as inthe example and then the other is the volute with the outer edge ofthe impeller region from the first solution as an inlet boundaryfor the second, using the results from the first as boundary valuesfor the second solution. This assumes the volute is properlydesigned to accomodate that particular flow off the impeller.

              Quite annoying...
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                  Steve White
                  Please could you tell me if you found a solution for this, I too have a similar problem and would greatly appreciate any info.
                  When you create a local rotating region you have to create a component to represent it and disable it in component control. In a centrifugal fan I'm not sure whether this should be the same diameter as the impeller or be big enough to cover the whole of the volute casing (i.e. very big). If it is made the same diameter as the impeller the results don't look correct when running the solver, the two regions do not blend together and it looks like they are being treated separately rather than one fluid region.
                  There is a centrifugal pump simulation demo on the Solidworks website, it looks so simple! Trouble is they assign a cavity component as the rotating region and it's hidden, if I could just see this or get a copy of the parts to experiment with!!
              • FloWorks - centrifugal fans with volute case
                Mike Elder
                you should be able to download the assembly from the support section if the sw website..under training files for floworks 2007....that way you can experiment
                • FloWorks - centrifugal fans with volute case
                  Pete Ungar
                  Hi guys,

                  I just completed the flow simulation course at Solidworks in Santa Monica, CA. I too have been trying to get good results in a centrifugal pump flow analysis. My colleague and I were given an idea from the instructor to try. I will also be contacting someone out of state but within Solidworks to help assist us with this (hope he is a knowledgeable as we were told). Rather than get into all the details now, let me see if I get results first. If it works I'll let you know.
                  • FloWorks - centrifugal fans with volute case
                    Hi Pete

                    Did you have any success?

                    Best regards