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I have my core and a cavity, how should I proceed with assembly?

Question asked by Jaakko Fagerlund on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by Jack Blake



I've used the mold tools to create a core and cavity blocks. Now I would like to make an assembly of these with standard mold components, but I'm not sure of the workflow and way to proceed.


Lets assume I'm using standard parts from Meusburger. I can either download the part files from their website or use the DAKO/World-CAT to import them from their catalog program.


1. Where do I save the standard parts so that I could just drag & drop what I need on to the screen, as usually the dimensions, lengths etc. are not fully known until starting to assemble parts together? Secondary question relating to this is: If I notice that my guide pins are too short, how do I change the part to another one?


2. Editing the standard parts. The fixed and moving halves of the mold base will need water lines, screw holes, the pockets for the core & cavity etc. in to them. How I add these modifications to the parts such that I don't destroy the standard part that I imported to the assembly?


3. I do not have the Solidworks Toolbox (I'm using Standard version). Can I edit the standard parts like bolts that I have saved somewhere to be intelligent so they auto-align and auto-lengthen when I insert them?


4. I usually have some DXF of a die casting machines table/platen size with all the slots, ejector holes and guide pillars drawn to it so that I can check to see that a mold fits to a particular machine. How can I add this to the assembly so that I can see that everything is correct? Or would I be better of modeling the machine data as a Solidworks (part?) file?


I would appreciate answers to any of these questions and alternative ways to do things (without purchasing anything extra) are always welcome.