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MAcro: Exporting drawing WITH revision number

Question asked by S. Vdkamp on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by Vincent Tieleman

I have a question about saving/exporting drawings as pdf/dxf etc

My 3d CAD model had got in its "properties" a revision "B".

The drawing uses this to fill in in my title block.

But when I do a save-as(of export) pdf/dxf it saves the drawing as exactly the same filename. Is there a possibility to export it with the revision name behind the drawing? So for example: Part no is: 2016050001. It has got a revision B in its properties.

When I do a export to dxf, I would like it to to show up like: 2016050001-B


Is there a possibility to add this to the macro attached?

Would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance