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Solidworks mouse buttons and copy paste

Question asked by X. Men on May 23, 2016

I just started using Solidworks and I found 2 major problems.

1. Since I'm user of Altium to create PCBs and other stuff. The middle mouse button is being pain while using SolidWorks. I usually draw things on flat 2d I do not want to see 3d while drawing. So the problem is when I press MMB and drag, it rotates the view, while in Altium this gesture Zooms the, which I have habbit of. And which many other software does. I've learnt that using SHIFT + MMB Drag does same thing in Solidworks but I do not want to press SHIFT. Its slow process. Same thing with RMB drag is used for panning, but in Solidworks, it shows 4 menus.

The thing that makes me very sad is that there is no option to change it. Its like Solidworks is forcing their users to use their own specified movements/gestures. I searched on forums and found that instead of people helping to solve the actual problem, they are suggesting to get a habbit of it. Well, thats not good, I dont want to be forced to use those movements/gestures. I want to modify and use in same way as all other softwares works to avoid this pain. I also do not want to use any hooking software and map keys because I'm using both Altium and Solidworks at same time and it will mess things up. Which its already doing. To draw a simple thing, I keep drag MMB and have to change view every time. Bad. Very Bad.


2. When I'm creating a sketch and I have a rectangle or a circle and I want to set their size/radius. Solidworks wont allow me to paste in text fields, like I have calculated the value in calculator and now I want to paste that value. I cant paste it with Ctrl + V. But it works if right click and paste. Seriously ? The reason Ctrl + V doesn't work because SW thinks I'm asking it to paste a shape and completely ignoring where the focus is. I believe its not first version of Solidworks which cant even know where is the focus or currently activated field.


I dont know what developers are thinking, its thousands of dollars softwares and doesn't even have basic functionalities. I hope there is some kind of fix or they add these features in future version.