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Is there a way to add tolerances to the Hole Wizard yet so they automatically appear in hole callouts??

Question asked by Peter Kuhn on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by Rob Adair

I am currently running SW2014.  To start, I would like to be able to use the hole wizard to create a press fit dowel pin hole for a specific material.  This requires a specified undersized diameter hole, and a specified tolerance based off the material.  We currently have separate tables with the proper diameters for each material.  I would like to have the tolerance automatically included and added with the Hole Callout on the drawing.


1. Can this be done, in SW2014?  If so, how?  I have not found a way to automatically add tolerance information, or any tolerance information in the Hole Wizard Configurator.

2. Can a later version do this?  If so which version is it first available.

3. Can I add more subsets other than "Standard" and "Type" in the Hole Wizard Configurator?

4. As a workaround, I suppose I could copy and modify the existing Dowel Pin information in Hole Wizard since for some unknown reason it brings up a "Fit" menu.

4a.  Is there a way to edit the "Hole Fit" menu?  For a press fit dowel pin hole in a specified material, there is a specific tolerance.  I would like that to be the ONLY, preferably automatic choice.  The "Shaft Fit" would be empty.  As best I can tell I can how have the Hole Callout.txt file properly populate the tolerance

4b. Is there a way to rename the type of "Fit" from "Press" different material types and add categories that would change the actual hole size?

5. Is there any way to access the tables, especially custom ones with a database, or spreadsheet editor?  Can I make (force) the changes there?  The configurator is clunky and prone to errors in data entry and manipulation.  It would be logical to be able to cut and paste from a preexisting table.


I have other hole types that have predefined sizes and tolerances.  If needed I could create these from a design library, but a counter bored hole with tolerances would be ideal.