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Uninstalled and reinstalled still can't start a new part

Question asked by John Christensen on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 22, 2016 by Richard Bremmer

I'm not sure what exactly happened.  I updated some microsoft office 365 and then I had a VB error.  I uninstalled and reinstalled it and that solved that problem. 


The new problem I am having is that I can't start a new part. I can open other parts that have already been started, but I can't start a new part.  If I open an assembly and try to create a new part through that assembly I get the error message, "The default templates are not valid.  The problems can be resolved by correcting the default templates under the options dialog."


I tried to restore the option to default settings and that didn't work.  I really need to get this sorted out quickly. 


I tried to find where the parts, assemblies and drawings documents were and I don't think they are installed anymore.  (i.e.


System Options>>Default Templates


X:\CAD Engineering\Shared templates


I no longer have an X:\CAD...  These were the settings I had at my previous work.  I have been using these settings just fine apparently for about 4 months.


I'm so confused.  I have a big deadline soon and I need to get my work done.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Thank you for your help in advance.