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    Performing a parametric sweep of simulation variables to generate a family of time domain thermal response curves in SolidWorks Simulation 2015

    Kyle Miskell

      I have a thermal system from which I have collected experimental, transient, time-domain temperature response data during several thermal tests. At present, I am attempting to create a SolidWorks simulation model of this thermal system and validate the model using the experimental data I have collected. Fitting the transient response simulation data from SolidWorks to the experimental data requires a parametric optimization of the thermal loads. That said, I need to conduct and record the results of a great number of transient thermal simulations from SolidWorks to a .csv file for data processing. Up to this point, I have been running each of these simulations by manually reconfiguring the simulation parameters in SolidWorks, re-running the simulation, and manually probing and saving the pertinent data to .csv; however, this manual methodology is excruciatingly slow and inefficient. Consequently, I need to find a way to automate the process of running and collecting the data from these transient thermal simulation curves. After some digging, I learned of SolidWorks's "Design Study" feature. This feature allows for the parametric sweeping that I need; unfortunately, it seems to only allow for the collection of a single point of data per simulation (i.e. recording only a single temperature of the transient data set using a simulation data sensor configured to use a thermal data quantity). According to the SolidWorks 2015 documentation, "Workflow Sensitive" simulation data sensors are capable of capturing the transient thermal data I need for a parameter sweep performed in a design study. However, when I attempted to implement a workflow sensitive simulation data sensor as a "monitor only" constraint on my design study, I received the following error:


      "The sensor Workflow Sensitive1 is a Simulation Data type sensor which requires a simulation study for the current configuration of the model.. Please add a simulation study or switch configurations to use this sensor."


      I should note that I have added the workflow sensitive sensor to the thermal study by editing the results options menu to use the workflow sensitive sensor in the response plots field. Nonetheless, I must be missing something about the way that the workflow sensitive sensor works. That said, I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a way that I can automatically generate the family of transient thermal response curves that I need in SolidWorks Simulation Premium 2015 using either the design study approach that I have been attempting or via some other method. Any help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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          Bjorn Sorenson

          I got the same error message this morning, and this thread is the only mention of it I was able to find anywhere.  It's not very scientific (sorry, I didn't take the time to isolate which variable solved the problem), but I

          1. did a Pack and Go on my model and gave it a new name/folder
          2. created a new design study
          3. moved the design study tab so that it was to the left of my other Simulation studies in the graphics area
          4. reran my study of interest
          5. set up the design study with the existing sensors, and the error was gone.

          Hope this helps; I think it has something to do with the order of operations (creation of design study, creation of sensors, running of study of interest) - SW needs to know that the sensors already exist, the study has data for the sensors, and then the design study can use both for constraints and optimization.