Jonathan Chmura

Remove Colors from DWG files

Discussion created by Jonathan Chmura on Dec 6, 2007
Yeah I know sounds like a really dumb question... I had a personcome to me from engineering and ask me if I could remove the wackycolors that are now displayed on DWG files since we recentlyswapped from Autovue to E-drawings to cover all our file formatsused.

He was unaware that the "wacky" colors he is seeing is aSTD Autocad layer format so you can see what is what in adrawing.

SO is there any way to set it up to show in B&W, I browsedaround a little and I couldn't find anything but being able tooverride the background color, and well that doesn't help muchsince it's already black and they are whining about not being ableto read the green dimensions.