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Sheet metal gussets for non right angle bends

Question asked by Matthew Morona on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 22, 2016 by Matthew Morona

Hi I'm having some difficulty introducing  gussets to a part (see attached image), After a lot of playing around with forming tools and the gusset feature I managed to add a gusset to a right angle. This was done with the gusset tool as there seemed to be large limitations as to what can be done with a form tool (the part needed to be quite thin) I was wondering if anyone had ideas of how to introduce a gusset for a bend that is not 90, for example I want to gusset the attached part on an angle of around 20 degrees. I did manage to introduce a gusset of some description one of the bends but it turned out cubic not cylindrical, I need a round gusset across the bend, any help would be awesome.