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How could be possible to work professionally with solidworks being year by year full of bugs?

Question asked by Marco Gigante on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by Marco Gigante

This post is just to say how frustrated I feel finding impossible to work professionally with Solidworks!  How could be possible that this software is so full of serious bugs that makes me operate absurd workaround to fix stupid problems!?


just some of my last problems:


- Features working or not working changing computer @ 

- broken equations and relation from one version of solidworks to new ones @2016 SP3 and equations

- undesired union of bodies in irreversible way


I don't know if all of these problems came from the fact that these parts are done in SLW 2013 and now I work on them in SLW 2015... this is not en excuse!!

At a certain point I started to stop wasting my time reporting the problems in the forums as far as I get that Solidworks if full of unsolvable bugs .. and that's it!


Dear Dassault, instead of implementing super-fancy graphic and features, huge presentations show exhibitions.... why not using your money to simply make solidworks work properly???


Deeply disappointed,

Marco Gigante