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    What camera settings should I use for first person views?

    Joe Palomares

      I'm trying to figure out what camera settings I should be using to simulate how a human being would see something. If the camera is X feet away from object Y, I want to be able to get a camera view that shows what a person standing at that location would see. Haven't been able to find good information on this yet. Ideally this takes into account peripheral vision as well, but at the very least I need the "zoom" factor of the average human eye. Should be I be using 35mm lens? 50mm? Anybody an expert on this type of camera set-up?

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          Andreas Olofsson

          Hey Joe,

          Been asking myself the same question. Then I asked Google but couldn't get a definitive answer.

          Here's a website:

          Focal Length of a Human Eye - The Physics Factbook


          "What is the focal length of the eye? I did a google search and found many "answers" ranging from 17mm to 50mm (50 is totally absurd). For the correct answer, is Reference: Light, Color and Vision, Hunt et al., Chapman and Hall, Ltd, London, 1968, page 49 for 'standard European adult'":

          Object focal length of the eye = 16.7 mm

          Image focal length of the eye = 22.3 mm

          The object focal length is for rays coming OUT OF THE EYE. But for an image on the retina, the image focal length is what one wants….

          So this explains the commonly cited ~17mm focal length, but the correct value is ~22 mm focal length."


          EDIT: Oops, didn't check the original post date. Oh well, might be of use to somebody.