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Has anyone successfully used PDM Standard a VPN connection?

Question asked by John Burrill on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by John Burrill

I'm running PDM Standard in a Windows 7/10 Solidworks 2016 SP3 environment and connecting to a vault over VPN has proven to be a tricky and persistant problem.
My lack of knowledge of EPDM is compounded by my lack of knowledge of VPNs but after a lot of reading and hacking, I've established a dynamic dns connection to our server, set up port forwarding on our router, opened the PDM Standard ports in the server firewall and disabled the Guest login in group policy on the server.

The reward for my efforts is that I can remotely attach my archive/db server and get a listing of databases


Where I'm running into trouble is when I try to log into the vaults.  Upon initial connection to the server I provided a server-side local account name and password and it went fine.

When I attempt to display the tree under a vault, I'm prompted for a vault user name and password, which I provide but thereafter it hangs until it finally gives me an error (highlighted in yellow):


I can connect to this server and do all of the normal things when I'm on the same subnet but over the internet I'm fighting it every step of the way. 
Can anyone advise me on how to deal with this issue or offer some general advice on connecting to a vault server through the internet?