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Please help me contrain my simulation.

Question asked by Tim Doyle on May 19, 2016

I am trying to learn Solidwork Simulation and have spent the past couple weeks running through tutorials in Solidworks and online to try to bring my understanding from the Solidworks SimulationXpress level to the more refined Simulation level.  This has involved me trying to learn how contacts work in a Solidworks Simulation and though I believe I understand the jist of it, I am having a problem constraining a simulation I am working on, despite trying several solutions.


I am recieving a large displacement message halfway through the simulation run.  Based on my research, I have added soft springs to the simulation and have turned off large displacement mode to lead me to the following debug result. The pin in the middle has been constrained with a "fixed" fixture (I have hidden it to make the pin visible over the green arrows.)

Solidworks Simulation Lifting Beam Unconstrained 1.PNG

Initially the pin and the hole in the web member had a clearance of approximately 0.015" all around them.  To remedy this I have tried a Bonded contact between the two with "Incompatible Mesh" and "Non-touching Faces" options checked. I have also tried a No Penetration Contact between the two. I have tried creating another configuration for the web member specifically for FEA purposes in which the web hole is sized for no clearance with the pin to try to coerce the Global Bonded Contact to take care of bonding the two parts.  I have even tried to place a roller slider fixture on either side of the web thinking that perhaps the web was moving laterally on the pin and "slipping" off the pin.  I have also tried reducing the force to 1 pound just in the off chance that the web was failing under the original load and the picture above was indicating a catastrophic failure scenario under the original load.


I have had no luck with any of the scenarios above, all giving large displacements and the resulting picture above.  Could someone please try to analyze what I am doing wrong.  I am not sure what to provide, but please ask for any information that could help me solve this issue.


Thanks for any help offered.