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Using quations in a design table - doesn't work very well?

Question asked by Chris B. on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by Chris B.

Goal = use design table to create 20 configurations quickly, and copy the same equation to each one, but modifying each one slightly as needed.  Quickly in the excel spreadsheet.


I followed the good advice to create the first couple configurations manually, and then add a couple equations manually in the equation editor.

Worked fine.


Then I created a design table, because I want to make 18 more configurations quickly, and cut and paste the equations across all those new configs.

But also modifying each equation slightly, as needed by that configuration.


However this does not seem to work at all.

Or works some times but not others.


Opening the design table and modifying the equation - when closing the table the part just stays the same.  Open the DT again, and the equation is the same as before you changed it.

Create a new row, for a new subassembly - copy and paste an equation into that row does not actually apply any equation at all.  When you close and reopen the spreadsheet that cell is empty.



So it looks like you have to add and modify the equations outside the DT.

Is that right?  Or am I doing something wrong.


SW2015 SP4

EDPM 2015