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Pathetic SW performance? Poor workstations?

Discussion created by Michael Brainard on Dec 6, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2008 by Kent Hanners
Good morning.  I am fairly new to SW, using it for just over ayear.  The company I work for currently has approximately 12seats of SW 2007....all are having SERIOUS performanceissues...often seeing 4-6 crashes per day.  

Most of our workstations are 64bit....some are higher end 32bit. We are seeing similar crashes on both platforms.  

My 64 bit machine is currently being looked at by our ITdepartment....the 32 bit machine I am now using actually functionsbetter BUT I still get the same errors.  This machinesspecifications are as follows:

Microsoft WIndows XP 2002 SP2
HPxw4400 workstation
Intel Core 2pc
2.00GB ram
Pagefile size is maxed out at 4092
NVIDA quadro Fx 1500

This is a small machine...I don't have the specifications on the64bit machines currently.

Types of crashes we are seeing are:

opening a single part
opening a assembly
starting solidworks
when creating a sheetmetal edge flange
starting Cosomosworks
creating a mesh in Cosmos on a single part or multiple parts
opening the toolbox
creating a new sketch
editing a sketch
opening the "add-ins" options box
using the measure feature in a model
Runtime Errors
starting Cosmos Express
Checking in files to the vault
creating drawing views
switching from one drawing layout to another
drawing views disappearing when adding or editing dimensions
adding centerlines to drawings - crashes
performing a cut sweep - crash

I think you now understand, SW will crash at any moment, under mostany circumstances....without warning.   It doesn't matterif we have a single simple part open, or a large assembly. 

I have contacted our IT department, and our SW distributor and havetried to work with both with no results.  

"the computers are fine".....

"the software is fine"....  

Is anyone else seeing such poor stability ???