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    Solidworks crashes instead of closing

    Eimantas Palevicius



      I've written new macro to save drawings as PDF to the network location folder depending on the file name. Everything was fine until i added swmodel.printout4 option at the end of the macro. Macro does everything as it supposed to, but after it, if i try to close solidworks it just crashes instead of closing. Any ideas why this could be happening?

      I use this code for printing:

      Set swPrintSpecs = swModelDocExt.GetPrintSpecification

      intCurrentSheet = swPrintSpecs.CurrentSheet

      swPrintSpecs.AddPrintRange intCurrentSheet, intCurrentSheet

      swModel.Printer = Default

      swModelDocExt.PrintOut4 "", "", swPrintSpecs

      swModel.Save3 swSaveAsOptions_Silent, lngErrors, lngWarnings

      If lngWarnings = 4 Then

          swModel.Save3 swSaveAsOptions_UpdateInactiveViews, lngErrors, lngWarnings

      ElseIf lngErrors > 0 Then

          MsgBox "Klaida: lngErrors"

          Exit Sub

      End If