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    EPDM workflow problems

    George Huang

      Hi ,i got problems on my EPDM workflow,see below pic1


      as you can see the workflow i had circled ,means general design workflow which only work on this folder(see below pic2) and the drawing(including .sldprt sldasm slddrw dwg etc) files


      However,recently items in other locations when i  check in , it goes to general design workflow as well. Other workflow doesn't work any longer ,no matter what i done,such like delete all properties under general design workflow or change properties' variables,still the same .



      So look forward your help. i will be grateful.

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          Stephen Lapic

          I have had issues at various times but I always figured it out eventually and it always was something was screwed up in my workflow properties.  If you have a little bit of time and it is not going to make things worse you could slowly trouble shoot this by redoing all properties one at a time to make sure they react like they are supposed to do.


          I've never done all at one time before but I have done two.  I would write down what all the properties were and then I would ignore that and figure out what I want the workflow to do and then rebuilt the properties.  Then I would test them out by making many dummy files in most of the folders.  Usually while doing this I would recognize what was missed.


          Good Luck

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              George Huang

              thanks for your advice, i deleted all properties ,and tried to create some documents to test whether it work specify workflows for specify files.

              it is pity ,troubles remain.Unless i create a new automatic transition point to the specify workflow see below(pic 3)


              as you can see left .The workflow circled by red is the general design workflow which i mentioned above .And the workflow circled by blue means library workflow .The picture on the right which i used red arrow to highlight is the transition .The diagram is belong to general design workflow.it seems the only way to avoid other items that not belong to general design workflow to become general design workflow's state.


              can you give more advice or experiences to fix it?

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                  Charley McGowan

                  When I would have a workflow for a specific folder, I would put in a condition or two that would apply that would guarantee the new workflow would override the original parent workflow that is further up the folder tree. What you've done by having an automatic transition is a good fail-safe, but you could also make sure the original "General design workflow" has a condition that excludes that folder from allowing files to enter that workflow. Another way you could do it is to create some sort of dummy variable that turns on when it's in that folder, and have the workflow check for that variable on or off. I don't recommend this method, but if all else fails that could be another option.


                  The auto transition you have is a good way to double check that files are going where they should be, even if there's a bug somehow.

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                Jason Capriotti

                Make sure all of your workflows have "Conditions".....leaving any blank will leave you with files randomly entering different workflows since they all are valid. If our workflows that files always enter from another workflow transition, I but a bogus condition on it so nothing new can enter it.

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                    George Huang

                    dear Jason

                    I've done all you recommended,No matter what conditions i  added, the general design workflow is the priority workflow that new item enter in ,No matter what conditions i did not add the problems remain, as we all know if you did nothing ,PDM will tell you the files don't match any workflows ,but my system doesn't show any of this messages.it will go into the general design workflow when you first check in.

                    unless i created new auto transitions to do it .it's weird.