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Sw 2 freezes 008 Sp0

Question asked by Brian McElmury on Dec 6, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2007 by Brian McElmury
I am having the same issues on multiple systems. We are running Xp Prof. ans Windows 2003 server. I have three macines that are a Dell 470 with the xeon chip and 4 gb of ram. and the Nvidia Quadro 4500. Two with standalone license and with 3 network license.

The problem is that SolidWorks will freeze at random is seems. It also will freeze when working in DWGediter. On my system I make sure to clean out the temp file at least once a week. Also my system as just been rebuilt and as a standalone license. I have the latest certified driver for 2008 from SW. This freezing is like I said before is on standalone and network. I have uninstlled and reinstalled, with the same issues. Any ideas?