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Accuracy of annotation text height (in mm)?

Question asked by Tom Gander on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by Josh Brady

Can anyone help me with a very frustrating issue?


I've got some drawing border templates from Catia that I'm trying to duplicate in SolidWorks. The overall layout has imported fine into the sheet format via a DXF file, but the text needs replacing by text boxes (plus I can get jiggy with the custom properties etc.). Something I'm noticing though is the text height I'm entering in the box isn't giving me what I'm after.. i.e. if I want a text height of 1.5mm (which is what it's set to in Catia) and offer the text up to a line I know to be 1.5mm, the text is a lot shorter?


The result currently is the SolidWorks drawing template has smaller text than the Catia version, and I don't want to be guessing in increments to get it to look right. Am I missing something with regard to scaling or something?