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    Accuracy of annotation text height (in mm)?

    Tom Gander

      Can anyone help me with a very frustrating issue?


      I've got some drawing border templates from Catia that I'm trying to duplicate in SolidWorks. The overall layout has imported fine into the sheet format via a DXF file, but the text needs replacing by text boxes (plus I can get jiggy with the custom properties etc.). Something I'm noticing though is the text height I'm entering in the box isn't giving me what I'm after.. i.e. if I want a text height of 1.5mm (which is what it's set to in Catia) and offer the text up to a line I know to be 1.5mm, the text is a lot shorter?


      The result currently is the SolidWorks drawing template has smaller text than the Catia version, and I don't want to be guessing in increments to get it to look right. Am I missing something with regard to scaling or something?

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          Bill Toft


          The "font size" of a font refers to the font's "em height", which isn't necessarily the same as the height of particular characters in the font.

          Usually the em height of a font adheres to the same basic idea - it'll be roughly set to the distance from the lowest descender (such as the bottom of the letter g) to the highest ascender (such as the top of the letter h):

          When I do my drawing templates, I set my font height to Points (72 pts. per inch).

          Easiest would be to get the point setting used in Catia. Also make sure you are using the same font!


          From SolidWorks Help:


          Lists the value as the actual height of the tallest character in the font set.


          Lists the font height which includes ascenders and descenders, so the character size is smaller than the corresponding character when measured in Units.


          When you do Choose Font and pick 72 pts. (1") as the size you will see the equivalent Units is 0.75"