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Selecting named surfaces and using them in mates with VBA

Question asked by Georgi Kozlev on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 29, 2016 by Georgi Kozlev

Hello Everyone,


For a VBA automation project I am having trouble selecting previously named faces from two components in an assembly and mating them.


I need to mate the following named faces from Part 1: ConcH1, ConcF1, Face1 to their counterparts from Part 2. Both parts are already added to the assembly.

ConcH1 and ConcF1 need to make concentric mates with ConcH2 and ConcF2, while Face1 will be used in a coincident mate with Face2.

I guess I have to use SelectByID2 and then AddMate5 methods, but I cant seem to figure out the code for selection of those faces.


Any help would be appreciated. Sample macro would be best as I am still learning API.

Thank you in advance.