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Not UI, but somewhat related gripe.

Question asked by Chris Pellegrino on May 17, 2016

Directed at DDS. I'll keep it short.


Please refocus your software efforts. You need to keep in mind that you are creating a tool for engineers/designers, not trying to win a beauty contest with the latest frills and widgets. There are existing limitations that need to be addressed. Surfacing is full of issues you can be fixing. Fillets seem to have become less reliable over the years. Simulation has all kinds of things that need to be addressed. PDM Pro, although overall better than WorkGroup, is  A LOT more annoying to use in some simple ways.


Don't make it harder on yourselves by adding 20 new features that end up being 100 more smaller things that will have bugs/issues in 30% of them; you're just adding bugs. Some of those new things might be a great addition to an engineer's toolbox; most of them we can probably do without if you shift those resources over to making the already existing features more robust. I bet a surprisingly high percentage of users would gladly take more robust existing features over new features for an entire year's upgrade (or two).


Just want to say that for quite some time now it seems the focus has been greatly distorted. Yes, new features are great, but if old ones still have issues and new issues are continually popping up, you're moving sideways at best.