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    PDM Dispatch - Set Variables, File Names

    Dan Bertschi

      Here we go...


      I'm trying to set a variable in Dispatch, with the Set Variables action.  I want to use the Selected File Name, without the extension.  I've found & understand the Left/Right variable value logic, so, I can capture the extension.  I have tried using the Sub logic to remove the extension, but it will probably only work on numeric values, as it returned a '0' value when I tried Sub(%NameOfSelectedFile%, %d_extension%) ... pretty creative, eh?


      Anyway, I may eventually settle for using the full file name (with extension) for the Variable value, but I'd rather not be a Settler, , I'm no good at making hats.  I can do this in the regular Workflow logic, no extra code/script required, just using a Transition Set Variable Action, the Variable name, and %filename%. 

      - Is there a %filenamenoextension% that will work?  I've seen this code/call elsewhere, but can't seem to get it to work in this environment.


      Other than relying on consistent (number of characters) file names, and using the Left(%NameOfSelectedFile%,x) logic, is there any way to extract just the file name?


      Thanks in advance!