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Can't login to EPDM

Question asked by Simon Webley on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Lawrence Kiefer

Recently migrated EPDM 2015 from an old server to our new server, as part of this we are no longer using the server as a Domain Controller so we've also switched to 'Solidworks Enterprise PDM login' for authentication.


On the server itself we can connect to the vault from the EDPM Administration software, and also connect to the vault and view files etc.

We're trying to add the first workstation to the EPDM Server but it's refusing both user & admin logins both from the client, and the Administration tool from this new workstation.


Interestingly the login windows are different, with the server login looking like:



& the workstation login asking for a 'domain' (which is just left as the servername by default I guess)



Cant seem to locate any debug logs for EPDM Server, just the logs from the Admin panel itself. Anyone have any ideas?


Many thanks in advance for your help :-)