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    Can't move sketch elements to where I want them.

    Max Crittenden

      This is infuriating. I've copied the profile of a hinge from one part, and I want to add it to another part. All the sketch entities are properly related to each other, but I absolutely cannot place them against the edge where I want to extrude the hinge.

      • If I make a line collinear with an edge, the sketch becomes overdefined.
      • If I make an endpoint of the line coincident with the edge (thinking maybe the line and the edge aren't perfectly parallel?), the sketch becomes overdefined.
      • If I dimension the gap between the edge and the line, there's no problem. But if I try to change that dimension, the sketch becomes overdefined.

      This is ridiculous! It should be perfectly straightforward to place the sketch elements where I want them. Shouldn't it? I am so sick of these asinine bugs in Solidworks, and so looking forward to retirement (less than a year!) when I won't have to deal with this garbage any more.

      For what it's worth, I'm using SW2014 SP5.0. Any ideas? Thanks.