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    Problem selecting the component in a thermal analysis

    Maxim Vervoort

      I am not able to select the complete component when trying to set an initial temperature in a thermal analysis. I can only click on "select all exposed surfaces" or select some surfaces and edges myself. Anyone who knows why I can't select a volume?  It does work for the other thermal loads.

      thank you

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          Keith Frankie

          Try selecting the body rather than the part.  Either 1) select it from the tree, under the solid bodies folder or 2) use the bodies selection filter to select it in the graphics area.


          For studies of parts:


          It appears that for the temperature load you simply can't select the part level - only bodies, faces, and edges are valid.


          For the heat power load you can select the part level, bodies, faces and edges but if you select the part level the study fails.