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Using mates in Assembly Motion 2008 0.1?

Question asked by Jay Mackey on Dec 5, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2007 by Jay Mackey
Maybe there is a better way, but I would like to use a mate that isset to 'position only' to get a complex assembly (six-axis robotwith complex 4-bar linkage, with complex end-effector) in to aposition, and then either set a keyframe while the mate dialog isstill open (ideal solution), or be able to OK the mate dialog andthen keyframe the position.  Unfortunately, SW08 does notallow keyframing while the mate dialog is active, and itimmediately returns the assembly back to the position of the activekeyframe as soon as the mate dialog is closed.  

My current method is to define a 'Current Robot Position' made upof three mates that fully define the current robot pose (by tying afeature on the end-effector to a feature on the workpiece). Setting it up (or editing it to get the robot to a new pose)forces the robot to the new position.  Then I can suppressthose mates so that the robot assembly positions are keyframed andtherefore become motion drivers, instead of keyframing the mates,which results in the robot component motions being driven by themates, which are meant to be temporary.  This is basically avariation on the 'position-only mates' scheme outlined above.

The other option is creating a set of mates for every single robotpose, probably about 40 positions, and then keyframing thesuppression of all but one set of mates at a time.

I'm asking if there are other advanced techniques.  One optionthat has occurred to me would be making a 3D path through all 40positions.  This would only be used to guide the 'tool-tip'through its motions, I would still have to manually move or mate upthe end-effector to take care of it's orientation.  I'm noteven going to try it because it sound like more work than mycurrent scheme.