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What's with the recent change ?

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by Arthur McRae

Recently I noticed that I dropped from level 6 to level 5 so I got curious and looked what happened and noticed that there have been some chances. Levels being reassigned different point requirements as well as adding a whole bunch of levels, perhaps to give Deepak Gupta something to aim for. 


Although, the highest level one can achieve now is level 20 which means 1,500,000 points. Our resident prolific grandmaster guru Deepak Gupta, the only one who has reached level 10 , will only need to get, at the time of me writing this, another 1,438,656 to get from level 10 to level 20. Which means that unless they really change how one earns points it will take even him at least 20 years or so to get there. Just to show you how ridiculous it all is.


I don't think that whoever made the change had his/her cup of coffee that morning because everyone still has to do the "onboarding" mission

In other words no matter if you follow someone or not it doesn't register nor does it take into account things that can't be done as in there is no longer a mark as helpful option nor has there been for more then a year as far as I know.

The easiest 100 points that one can earn, can't be earned by anyone. So according to the philosophy of it's not a game but an encouragement into more people engaging in the forums that is a fail.

Not that it actually makes a difference. When you think about it you have to come to the realisation that there's 5 groups of users on this forum.

1. those that have a one time question and hardly ever come back, most of the time not even acknowledging that they got an answer that was helpful

2. those that occasionally pass by

3. those that frequently ask and/ or answer questions as well as post suggestions/rants because they care (and are waiting on a rebuild to complete).

4. those that spend so much time and effort trying to help that they should get a stipend from SW (think level 7 and above)

5. Deepak Gupta


Which means that having 20 levels is overkill. Everyone knows in which group he falls and no matter how many points or levels or badges gets dangled before them, it won't make them chase levels. We all start from 0 and only time will tell in what group one ends up being. If I have a question then I don't care if it's a level 1 or a level 10 that gives me the correct answer the quickest. Nor will I earn more money by levelling up. So please can someone clarify what it is exactly that one is hoping to achieve with this and especially why an overhaul was deemed necessary?