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    PDM Dispatch General Resources

    Dan Bertschi

      For years, I've put off learning proper programming (...my name is, Dan, and I'm a hack...), mainly because I enjoy design SO much more!  However, I'm working on some complex Vault requirements, and digging into Dispatch.  I'm finding quite a bit here, my thanks to everyone!  But, I do have a few, hopefully simple, questions:


      1. What programming language would help me most understand Dispatch?  I've seen quite a bit of custom entry that doesn't show up in the standard option lists/pull-downs.
      2. I'm finding a lot of general resources just by internet searching, but is there a 'Best Place' to go?  It would be nice to find something that explains the purpose of items & expectations of use.  I do use the SW Web Help, and SWWorld presentations, as well.
      3. What's the best functional 'order of priority' for using Tasks, Commands, Dispatch?  I'm exploring all these, but still very new to them.


      Thanks in advance for your responses!

      Using SW2015, ePDM 2015.

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          Lee CS Young

          If you have complex vault requirements you're going to be let down by Dispatch, so skip it and learn the API. The API help file has everything you need to get started.

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              Dan Bertschi

              Thanks Lee,

              I guess 'complex' is a relative term   I'm probably OK with Dispatch for the copy/rename type functions I'm working on.  Although, I agree that the API is the way to go.  I've dabbled in it, but I'm one of those 'hard to reach' people, who go kicking and screaming into that part of my brain.  I really just need to sign up for one of Keith Rice's classes (CAD Sharp), he's the only instructor that has made it 'click' for me in the past, and I've attended many API training classes.  API coders have my total respect .

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              Danny Bradford

              HI DAN!! (Just to continue the theme. Apologies if the joke is lost. )


              I do have Dispatch utilized extensively and it does have a place in ePDM, just be aware that it will only be triggered either with a user right click selection OR with a workflow transition. There are no other triggering mechanisms like nightly batch or variable value based.


              What I like about Dispatch is that it will force fill out values in the Datacard based on logic which sounds simple but that has proven quite valuable.


              It is tough to answer your question without an understanding of your requirements. I agree with Lee that you will quickly be moving to API with VB.NET or some other logic language to manage the APIs. I do not have any experience with ePDM addins and will let other provide input there.


              So to summarize, provide an overview of what you want to do and one of us can point you in the correct direction.


              Oh, and the closest thing to Dispatch is the old BASIC code that has lines like 'IF y THEN GO TO LINE x' and the such. I last used that stuff about 25 years ago..