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Drawing Notes, on sheet format or sheet?

Question asked by Steve Reed on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Robert Weller

I wanted to ask the group, and get a general opinion and thoughts regarding where you have the general notes on your drawings reside. 

Are they on the sheet format or on the sheet with all you standard views, notes, and dimensions?


I ask because I have been tasked with updating the company templates, and start up files, and In my experience for the last 15 years, the few different companies I have worked for, we have had them on the sheet format.


This would allow us to fill the drawing with hole charts, and other nomenclature, and not have any interference from the note block.  What I mean by this is that often a drawing with be populated with a hole chart starting in the bottom left hand side of the drawing, and go up to the bottom of the drawing notes which reside in the top-left area of the sheet format.


If a modification was made to the part file, and additional holes we created, the hole chart would increase in size vertically.  I could easily grab the handle in the top-left corner and move the chart (And eventually split it) without accidentally selecting the note block.


Or the drawing could have the left side view below the note area, and dimensions be placed just below the notes, without interfering with the notes.


I would guess that some would reply that users would have to know how to edit the notes (Right click, edit sheet format), and not mess up the format, and they would not want to have the drawing set up that way.


My thoughts are that only knowledgeable SolidWorks users are going to be touching drawings, so it shouldn't be a problem, with a slight amount of training.


I wanted to get the thoughts of fellow users as to where you have your drawing notes, and what the pros/cons?


Below are two examples of what I'm referring to of having items close to the notes.