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    Drawing Notes, on sheet format or sheet?

    Steve Reed

      I wanted to ask the group, and get a general opinion and thoughts regarding where you have the general notes on your drawings reside. 

      Are they on the sheet format or on the sheet with all you standard views, notes, and dimensions?


      I ask because I have been tasked with updating the company templates, and start up files, and In my experience for the last 15 years, the few different companies I have worked for, we have had them on the sheet format.


      This would allow us to fill the drawing with hole charts, and other nomenclature, and not have any interference from the note block.  What I mean by this is that often a drawing with be populated with a hole chart starting in the bottom left hand side of the drawing, and go up to the bottom of the drawing notes which reside in the top-left area of the sheet format.


      If a modification was made to the part file, and additional holes we created, the hole chart would increase in size vertically.  I could easily grab the handle in the top-left corner and move the chart (And eventually split it) without accidentally selecting the note block.


      Or the drawing could have the left side view below the note area, and dimensions be placed just below the notes, without interfering with the notes.


      I would guess that some would reply that users would have to know how to edit the notes (Right click, edit sheet format), and not mess up the format, and they would not want to have the drawing set up that way.


      My thoughts are that only knowledgeable SolidWorks users are going to be touching drawings, so it shouldn't be a problem, with a slight amount of training.


      I wanted to get the thoughts of fellow users as to where you have your drawing notes, and what the pros/cons?


      Below are two examples of what I'm referring to of having items close to the notes.








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          Rick Becker


          Only our actual title block in on the Sheet Format (populated from custom properties).


          Experience has taught us to place all notes (including the revision block) on the top Sheet. The reason is how we achieve the placement of everything. We use the smallest border possible and fitting all the elements required can be challenging. It has been much more difficult to place everything properly when editing the Sheet Format most things disappear. The way we use to do changes, adding to the revision block required us to hand write the before/after changes on a scrap of paper. Then edit sheet format and add to the revision block. Sometimes the revision block would extent over some element in the drawing. Can't tell that until we edit format. Then it's either a back and forth of just move stuff around.


          There is an enhancement request in there somewhere. SW, please give us an option to view everything while editing the Sheet Format, just make everything not editable light gray..

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            Matthew Lorono

            Speaking from my experience in admin'ing for over a decade (and not as some sort of official statement), I would suggest placing your notes on the Drawing Sheet  not the Sheet Format.  First, the less you ask each user to go into the sheet format to make edits, the easier your job will be.  Second, it gives the drafter the ability to quickly move the notes around or make changes to them rather than having to dig down into the Sheet Format.  (When editing the Sheet Format, you cannot see drawing views.)  Also, you build your notes easier, if you have an environment where you use many different sorts of processes to create your drawings.  For example, notes for sheet metal are different than those of machines components, but not so different they would warrant their own drawing template.  You can use blocks, design library or even a macro like CommonNotes (lennyworks.com) to build your notes as needed for each drawing.  Additionally, notes being on the Drawing Sheet makes it very easy to link general notes to annotations from a drawing view (such as dimensional values). There is also a restriction on the types of annotations available in Sheet Format.


            If selection is your concern, you can set layers so that one is specifically for your notes.  There is also a powerful selection filter too.  However, if selection is your primary concern, then Sheet Format is your best bet.

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              Robert Weller

              Hi Steve,


              Any note that is required on all drawings is included in our Title Block / Border in the Sheet Format. This includes references to standards, projection, general tolerances, a note about intellectual property, company info and of course Title Block and Revision.


              Unique notes such as materials, processes or requirements are on individual Drawing Sheets as required. We have a standard text box on the top sheet of our template which includes provision for notes (to ensure formatting consistency).