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    Where do you store  drawing properties information

    John Frahm

      I am from the camp that the model should have as much of the data as possible, so in File>Properties of my model I create Drawn By, Checked by, Material, etc. for my drawing template to pull from. Working a new place and all that info is placed in File>Properties of the drawing. Other than the fact I am always right (sarcasm) I have no reason that my way is better. Past life we used a PDM tool so maybe it helps with that?


      What do the forums creatures do? Thanks in advance.

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          Jeff Mirisola

          All the data is in our model/assembly files. Drawing files simply pull the data from them. Your way is better because that's how I do it, and I, too, am always right.

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            Jeff Holliday

            I can see benefits either way but I use your method. The more I can store with the model, the better. Then reuse those in the drawing. There are some things that I may not make the same. For example, if a single part is used in several assemblies there is the possibility that it may be used for a different reason so the "description" might change. This doesn't occur often so I still prefer entering the basics in the part. This pertains to the materials particularly. It may seem more flexible to call the material/finish in the drawing to allow for different but similar drawings. If that is specified in the part and just "pulled" into the drawing SW will take advantage of the material differences in the mass properties.

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              Dan Miel

              We have material, material thickness, finish, designed by, etc. in our part and assembly file and those makes sense to me because they pertain to the part/assembly.

              We also have the drafter and drawing checker in the part and assembly files but it doesn't make sense to me because the drafter created the drawing, not the part. This practice started before I began working here. My preference would have been to associate the drafters and checkers to the drawing. The engineers and designers to the part files.

              Dan Miel.

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                Deepak Gupta

                Major information in Model and only required information on Drawing (like drawn, checked, approved details).

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                  Bill Toft


                  You are, of course, correct!

                  All intelligence about a part needs to be in the custom properties of the part file template.

                  I use configuration-specific custom properties to allow for different materials, etc.

                  The custom properties of my Drawing template only contains information that is NOT part-specific ("Checked By", etc.)

                  At your new company, make a copy of their current drawing template, then edit the links to read from the part placed on the drawing page.

                  Then do a quick demo of creating the same part drawing using each template and show the time savings! Especially if the drawing creator is not the person who created the part.

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                    Dan Pihlaja

                    Agreed.  More info in the model.  Makes the drawing easier.


                    The only things that go into the drawing properties are the things that are specific to the drawing (Drawn by, date drawn, revision, etc....)

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                      Glenn Schroeder

                      I suppose my situation is different from most people, but all my title block information is driven by drawing properties instead of the model.  The vast majority of my drawings are multiple sheets, with an Assembly on the front sheet (or sheets), followed by drawing views of the Parts, and to add to the sacrilege, I often have multiple Parts on a single 8-1/2 x 11 sheet, so obviously driving the title block from the model wouldn't work.

                      I do have multiple properties in my Parts that I use in Drawing notes, but those Notes are mostly linked to the drawing views.