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Question asked by Mark Fitzpatrick on May 16, 2016

using 2015 sp4 and EPDM vault. In the past I was able to copy parts and then drawings and re-associate the copied drawing to the copied model. I can still do this however my drawn date property also needs to be added to the model file now in order for our drawing template to populate the drawn date. If I just edit the drawing property drawn date the template populates but then the date disappears after a save of the file or a print file is selected. Only way I can get it to save is to populate hat filed in the model file properties, which means more editing if that file is copied later (date change). I'd rather just have that property on the drawing file and only need to edit that after making a copy.


I'm not sure how our vault/templates got set up as we have had many Admins. At first I thought it was a direct relation between the part/drawing template that the original was created with but it now appears as though that doesn't matter. BTW this just started happening in the last week or so.