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    Dynamic Highlight

    John Grimm

      Does anyone remember when the dynamichighlight feature, in drawing view, would highlight the edge in allprojected/auxiliary views also?  This is something I haveasked Go Engineer about a few times with never any resolve.


      I know it did it in 2003 because we arejunking an old desktop that has been laying around since then thatstill has 2003 on it.


      Did this feature just get removed or am Imissing something?


      To be clear:  Move mouse over edge ofhole in plan view and same edge also highlights in all otherviews.





        • Dynamic Highlight
          Eddie Cyganik

          I've been using SW forever and do not recall dynamic highlight ever working this way. Dynamic Highlight has two settings:
          -> FeatureManager - Dynamic Highlight
          -> Display/Selection - Dynamic Highlight from Graphics View
          Both are for
          The only thing I can think of is if you use some type of multiple windows in model mode (not a drawing). If you select an edge or face in a model window, then the edge or face will be highlighted in all windows. And now that I think of it, eDrawings may do something similar.
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              John Grimm

              I believe you when you say you do not recall dynamic highlight everworking this way, everyone I have spoken to about this says thesame thing.  I would doubt myself had I not demonstrated itthis morning on an old desktop that still has 2003 installed.

              It seems the feature is gone.  It was really handy forinterpreting features and artifacts in complex drawings