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SelectByID2 get component name

Question asked by Vlad Shevchenko on May 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Josh Brady

Hi everyone!


I'm trying to get component name for method SelectByID2 from assembly. I have simple assembly with one mate, and I want select those components which were selected in this mate.

Here is my code:

var aseembly = iSwApp.ActiveDoc as ModelDoc2;

            Feature swFeat = aseembly.FirstFeature();
            Feature mates = null;

            while (swFeat != null)
                if (swFeat.GetTypeName2() == "MateGroup")
                    mates = swFeat;

                swFeat = swFeat.GetNextFeature();

            Feature swMateFeature = mates.GetFirstSubFeature();
            var swMate = swMateFeature.GetSpecificFeature2() as Mate2;
            for (int i = 0; i < swMate.GetMateEntityCount(); i++)
                var entity = swMate.MateEntity(i);

                var comp = entity.ReferenceComponent as Component2;
                var param = entity.EntityParams as double[];
                var selected = aseembly.Extension.SelectByID2("Boss-Extrude1@"+comp.GetSelectByIDString(), "", param[0], param[1], param[2], true, 1, null, (int)swSelectOption_e.swSelectOptionDefault);


This code selects wrong points (it should be point and edge). SelectByID2 always returns false, which means that name parameter is incorrect. Anybody know how I can get full name of component programmatically?