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Need some design advice

Question asked by Phillip Mobley on May 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Paul Salvador

Hello everyone,


I am having a challenging issue. I am attempting to form a steering wheel cover from one wheel onto another. If you look at the first picture, the part in white is what I am modeling. The second picture is a top view of the actual steering wheel that I will be forming the white part around. If you look in the second picture, I am having a time modeling what I labeled in the red circle.


I have tried different approaches. One being projecting a sketch onto curve (the steering wheel rim can be modeled as an ellipse. So, the sketch is being projected onto the curved surface of am ellipse that has been swept extruded). The sketch was a simple rectangle and then I would extrude the rectangle and extrude cut any features I didn't need. (The rectangle extruded piece does not need to curve all the way around but enough so that the part can clamp to the surface of the wheel) To get the curve profile, I would add in a number of fillets. However, when I try to extrude the rectangle sketch, I keep on getting a number of different errors.


I tried to take a picture and create a curve profile with the picture but this ended in a dead end.


Again, I am not sure on how to model this so I am turning to the community to seek guidance on where I can start modeling it.


I am also attaching a copy of what I have so far with the 3D model. The other two photos are a side view and top view respectively.


(Sorry guys, when I uploaded it, the forum decided to rearrange the order of the photos. The first photo is the last photo)