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Bill of material on part

Question asked by Mehdi Sh on May 13, 2016


I am solid user software

There has been a question for me.

Plz help me

A party is made up of several extruded or Loft or ...

As you know, to be a part of the input Excel data on a piece attributed to it.

For example, the part number and the name of the piece and serial numbers ... that Bill of materials, Excel output provided

If the piece is complicated, it becomes very large volume,

When we enter a part and assembly environment is a very high volume of work is difficult

If we can instead of a piece, which is composed of several parts as a party that is made up of several extruded and Loft and created,

The same profile can be assigned to each of the extruded or Loft?

That is an extruded as part of the technical specifications put it on our table Excel output

thank you