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Question asked by Andrew Conley on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by 李 波

So I am working on an assembly and have a spline that I am working with in a 3D sketch. The issue I keep having though is what I call a "Ghost" Dimension/Annotation. Whenever I go to click on a point on the spline, or any other line within a sketch/3d sketch in an assembly, it seems to grab these dimensions from other features within the assembly. It is getting really old fast and I can't seem to find a feature to turn these off.


Before everybody goes through the basic setup, all of my annotations are turned off in my Design Tree as well as the Hide/Show Items location.


Please tell me that I am not the only one that absolutely HATES this feature.


Please help direct me to a feature that turns this shit on and off.


I have attached a picture below to show you what I mean.