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Changing camera view during rendering

Question asked by Noah Thomlison on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2017 by Ivan Kharpalev

Hello Everyone,


I am curious if anyone knows a way to switch which camera's perceptive is to be shown during an animation. I have set up a scene with a couple different cameras which are to be used for 10 second duration and then I want the perspective to switch to another camera.


For example:

0 - 10 Camera 1

10 - 20 Camera 2

and so on


I am not getting an actual switch of perspective. I have attempted to go to time 10  and change the view to camera 2 but no luck. Also I am wondering what does the brownish background behind the motion slider mean? I have attached an image below to show which background i mean. Thanks in advance.