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Multiple use symbols

Question asked by Trent Bergen on May 13, 2016

Trying to figure out how to set up symbols for uses with multiple symbols and types.  We have certain devices that the majority of the time we only use 1 output of the device. and it's shown as SS-TEMP-1-NC or NO below. and sometimes it's shown as a 2 circuit terminal like SS-TEMP-2-NC where it is a powered solid state device.  Issue is that sometimes this terminal is dynamic where changing the output of the device from NO to NC is set inside the device such as an IFM pressure switch. Some times these are 4 wire devices receiving power and NO contact power on the same wire having 2 outputs, sometimes they are separate power and contact power with only 1 output, and lastly sometimes the device has 2 outputs the first having the choices of NO or NC and the second having the options of NO/NC/or analog 4-20mA. Other times it is a static change meaning that we are actually changing a physical terminal. I want to set up one symbol that can handle both of these types of devices and do not want to set up a multiple symbols.  Large problem since as an oem we are changing parts constantly for engineering firms. We have alot of back and forth.


The other issue I have is When re-assigning this device two another manufacturer part number that doesn't have that particular attribute it doesn't clear out that attribute but leaves it at it's last assignment.



Temp switch type examples. solid state 1& 2 circuit & mechanical switches 1 & 2 circuit.


Ifm pressure switch configuration driven output change.




BinMaster vr-21 level probe hardware driven output change.