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First angle vs third angle projection

Question asked by Davis George on May 12, 2016
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Our company is beginning to work with a customer who's drawings use first angle projection. For our shop and suppliers we will supply drawings with third angle projection. I'd like to make it easy for myself and others here to create and verify their drawings using first angle projected views, then switch to third angle for release to our shop and suppliers. I expect after verification and switching to third angle there will be some drawing realignment needed.


This first thing I noticed is that when switching projection types named views do not update, only projected views. This makes sense so I can set this up and instruct the others to only use projected views.


I am wondering if any of you know of a property I can add to the sheet that will update the first angle and third angle symbol display (I still need to create the symbol files.) Or if any of you have a macro that would update the symbol?


I have cross posted this question on eng-tips also. I appreciate your help. Thanks, Diego