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    SOLIDWORKS Satisfaction Survey

    Dennis Dohogne

      I got an invitation to the survey yesterday.  I've been using SolidWorks since its initial 1995 release.  I have been, on the whole, very happy with the software until now.  Bugs not being fixed, crashes, and the UI color change abomination have changed my opinion and I told them so in the survey.


      There are several things in 2016 I'm wanting to use, but you know what, none of those things are imperative to my work.  I can still get my work done without them.  I have honestly given the new UI a try and just could not tolerate it.  The partial solution begrudgingly given to us in SP3.0 is not enough.


      I've weighed the pros and cons and have decided I can do without upgrading SolidWorks until this UI is really fixed.  The survey was a perfect opportunity to tell them just that.