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    Pop up for relations idea

    James Canney
      This is just a question about some added functionality that I "think" I would like to see in the software, and I would be interested to know if anyone can think of any drawbacks, or if you like the idea.

      Having used 2008 for a while I seem to be getting in to the swing of it, one thing that bugs me though is when I am sketching and go to add some relations, I pick two sketch entities and then have to go over to the left of the screen to click what relation to add.

      I would like to see a menu bar next to the mouse once I have selected the entities, showing which relations I can add add the time, thgis would be similar to the fillet options that come up when adding fillets in 2008. This could save me a lot of time and mouse movement.

      Would others support this idea or are there any obvious drawbacks that I am missing?
        • Pop up for relations idea
          Lin Shaodun
          Brilliant idea! I love to have that function as well.
          And I hope the RMB menu can be "3DS Max " style...
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              I'm using SW2008 SP1.0. If I select a line or multiple lines ina sketch, a toolbar pops up next to the mouse with relations and afew other options. I did a new installation with default options(forces me out of the box I'm used to and sometimes I learn newways of doing things), if your using SP1.0 it may be a menu optionsomewhere.

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              Steve Rauenbuehler
              In SW07, if you left click the first sketch entity, then Ctrl+RIGHT click your second entity, the possible relations are available in the Context menu.

              Now, in SW08, they're wanting to keep you on your toes. If you select two sketch entites (the second with the right mouse button), you get a nifty little icon menu. BUT, if you're setting a relation between a sketch entity and an existing edge, vertex, face, or whatever.....it depends on the order you pick as to whether you get the nifty little icon menu or the regular text context menu. No big deal - just don't try to use '08 until after your first cup of coffee or with a hangover.....
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                  Charles Culp
                  Whereas I do think your idea has merit, I have already found my ownsolution to the problem of always going over for all thoserelations, and it doesn't even require for you to pause those 2-3seconds while the graphics refresh in the Feature Manager.

                  I added short-cut keys for all the relations: CTRL-SHFT-C forCoincident CTRL-SHFT-T for Tangent, CTRL-SHFT-P for parallel, etc,for all of 'em.

                  The reason why I prefer this, is as I noted above, it takes acouple seconds for the feature manager to load up the appropriateinformation, whereas I can "stack" commands withshort-cut keys.  I also like it because SW often doesn't giveme "Symmetric" as an option (you have to select two linesand one construction line, often I want things symmetric that don'tmeet that requirement), so I can always use the shortcut keys, evenif there is no button.