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How do I stop Solidworks from collapsing the Feature Tree every time I make a change?

Question asked by Chris Brown on May 12, 2016

When I am making changes on a part, I seem to spend a lot of time navigating within the Feature Manager. I click on a feature and make the change. Then I want to change an associated feature that is the next one down on the list, but as soon as I OK the first change, the Feature Manager compresses the list back to a list of parts even though it is still in Edit Part mode. Then I have to scroll through the Feature Tree, find the part, expand it to the list of features, scroll back down to the line just below the feature I changed and click that next feature to edit it. It wastes several seconds to a minute (depending on how long the list is) which really adds up in a complex assembly.


Is there a way to get the list of features on a part in an assembly to stay expanded until I tell it to close?