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SolidWorks - Microsoft Surface Book or Lenovo Yoga P40 or Dell XPS

Question asked by Ganesh Subbaraman on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 22, 2016 by Ganesh Subbaraman

Hello Everyone,

I have read a lot of feedback and forums on choosing the right laptop for running SW. I was about to finalize on the Lenovo Yoga Pad P40 till I saw the surface book. The P40 without a doubt is authorized in the SW website, it uses a NVidia Quadro M500M and right configs. However, I am not looking to use SW intensely, primarily will be using to approve designs and perform minor tweaks or perhaps check dimensions. Assembly models would have a max of 30 to 40 parts. This is for the O&G downhole tools industry so, most are std cylindrical parts. I hate the bulky laptops and therefore looking to go for a compact laptop and the Lenovo was there. But, any recommendations on the Surface book or the Dell 13" XPS or equivalent?

The Surface book typically has a i5 6th gen processor, around 8GB RAM and the Intel Graphics 520. Doesn't seem like it is approved by Solid Works at all. But, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.