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    Problem Calculating lifting beams

    Nils Kristian Bakken


      I'm trying to calculate a spreader type
      lifting beam, but I can't seem to get it quite right.

      My problem is that the lifting beam is not
      fixed in space in real life, so when I fix it somewhere it will not
      give a correct result. The best way I have managed to solve this is
      when I remove half the beam and use a fixed restraint in the middle
      of the beam. Then I use bearing load on the top pad eye and bearing
      loads on the lower pad eyes, but this will bend the lifting beam
      and I know for a fact that this isn't correct.

      I've also tried to use hinge, fixed and
      bearing connector on the lower pad eyes, but since the lower slings
      are angled outwards this will not give a correct result.

      I have calculated the beam manually and know
      that it's good enough and is designed correct.

      Does anybody know a good way to solve this?