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How can I save multiple de-feature settings in the same part?

Question asked by Eric Blankinship on May 12, 2016
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I work on various part models that have multiple versions inside same model using configurations. Often I am told to send simplified dummy versions of our models to customers for various reasons.  De-feature makes my life extremely easy as I can just have my De-feature settings saved to my tree, put the part into the configuration I want, right click De-feature and hit save result and voile! I now have a simplified model of the part I am wanting always ready to go.


So this brings me to my actual question.  I am now being told that some customers require a different amount of detail to be remaining on the part than others.  My issue is that it seems I can only have 1 De-feature settings saved in my model tree.  Sure I could save off multiple versions of the models with each one having different De-feature parameters in the tree but the problem is that these models are constantly being modified and it would only be too easy for someone to make a change in one and neglect the other accidentally.


Does anyone know If there is a way to have multiple De-feature settings in a tree or be able to load in a set of saved De-feature settings so that I can quickly generate either version of the customers required simplified models from the active design?