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Hidden edges in Section Views

Question asked by Richard Cumberbatch on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by Robert Weller

I am having problems with section views whereby after creating and placing the view, seemingly random edges are hidden. These are not edges of hidden details.

Using the Hide / Shows Edges dialogue I can hide and show other edges, and the edges in question are highlighted orange to indicate they are hidden, however I am unable to deselect them. I have trawled the interweb for solutions however nothing has worked, and I see nobody really seems to know of a definitive reason why this occurs.

My wireframe and shaded views are set to high quality.

I have increased the resolution.


etc etc etc.


e.g. if taking a section through a component with an o-ring groove I might see the 2 end faces of the groove, but the bottom of the groove maybe hidden. Now suppose this component is annular, and the section is taken through the centreline, on the opposite half of the view different edges of the same groove may be visible, invisible, or any combination thereof.


Is there any solution to this? I find find myself having to use sketch entities to fill the blanks which is a tiresome exercise. I am using SW2015. I have only recently started using it having been an NX user for many years, and whilst the modelling is excellent, the drafting is a proving to be a miserable and unpleasant experience.


Many thanks.